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Bending Tools for Press brake Machines

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Since 1965 Manufacturer of Steel Blades and machine tools serving clients around globe with best quality steel Press Brake Machines tools 

Instructions on Ordering

How do I Place my order?

Please make sure to have pictures of your machine clamping and the tools installed and send us you new profile to be bended with new tools. We will provide your new tools 

Our Advantage

What We Do

We Manufacture Custom Press brake tooling​

Bending Tools Specialist

Since 1965 we developed the supply chain of Press Brake Tools for bending machines to provide customer the quality and affordability to bring peace of mind in their metal working factories. We supply the bending tools which you can rely on and spend your valuable time on developing more efficient procedures in your production lines.

Our Experience is choosing the best raw material for the right application has gain the trust of our customers and made a very well reputation of our brand in the market.

The golden strategy of our company is to care about customer happiness, to ensure the satisfaction on each purchase of press brake tools.

We very well studied and manufactured successfully the different types of metal sheet bending tools over past 50 years and assured the market with flexibility of our production to meet the clamping and geometry diversity of press brake tools.

We have system of following orders and recorded all production specifications to match our system with customer desires of feeling relaxed while their order is being processed or being shipped by our supply chain management. 

Dastouri Team

We design and manufacture custom press brake tooling with special functionality for press brake bending machines

Press Brake Tools – Dastouri