Dastouri Press brake Tools - European Style

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Take experience to choose the right material with proper tempering for exact hardness needed in each Press Brake tools.

The right choice of material combined with excellent heat treatment and precise machining turnTFI products into high precision tools, which ensures high efficiency of Productions.

Standard Punch Lengths

Upper Bending tools for better mobility and installation for metalworking sheet bending with press brake machine.

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Segments Widths:

100mm Left Earpiece / 100mm Right Ear Piece /10mm/ 15mm/20mm/40mm/50mm/ 200mm/300mm

Special Sizes are available upon enquiry of customers 

Standard Die Lengths

4 way matrixes lower press brake tools for bending metal sheet with bending machine for your factory.

Segments Widths:

100mm / 100mm  /10mm/15mm/ 20mm/ 40mm/50mm/ 200mm/300mm

Special Sizes are available upon enquiry of customers