What is Hemming Press Brake Bending Tools?

Hemming tools are being used with press brake machine to obtain a certain bending geometry.

The tools are equipped with three main components. The Punch, The Lower Die acute matrix in the middle and the lower Die Hemming Matrix in the bottom.

How is the operation of Hemming Tools?

Based on you drawings the choice of Your Hemming tools will vary.

The operations of a hemming tool in press brake machine are as follow:

  1. Acute bend by placing the sheet between the acute punch and the middle acute matrix and press the punch till bottom dead center. Once the acute angle has been achived the punch must go back to the neutral position and disengage from bending operation.
  2. The result of acute bending from step one will be the input for step two and the bended sheet can be placed between the openning gap of middle matrix and lower matrix. Press the middle matrix down and will engage in pressing the bended sheet and create the hemming.
  3. Once the press is done in satisfactory form release the pressure and the punch and mid matrix will go to neutral position and your Hemming is ready.

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